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Suite 9 Level 2, Pindara Place
13 Carrara Street, Benowa QLD 4217

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Welcome to Dr. Drew Moffrey

Thank you for visiting Dr Drew Moffrey’s website.

Women’s health is an area of medicine that Drew feels very privileged to be involved in.

A woman’s pregnancy is a very special time and Drew is honoured to be able to share that experience with you and your family.  He is committed to a partnership between the two of you, which ensures that by the end of your pregnancy, not only do you have a beautiful new addition to your family, but you also feel that you have been listened to, and that you fully understand everything that has occurred throughout your experience.

Most importantly, as a father himself, Drew understands the excitement, anticipation, anxiety and trepidation that come with pregnancy and child-birth. He is also aware of how important this time is in his patient’s life, recognising that care for his patients’ well-being, empathy for their concerns and communicating effectively is essential for a successful partnership to emerge between a patient and a doctor during such an intense, often overwhelming experience. In essence, Drew will be there for you to provide support, information and help in decision making in every way he can.

Gynaecology is often an area that can be confusing, so Drew is here to help you understand the many changes taking place in your body.  Unfortunately in our society, there often isn’t a forum to discuss the many personal questions women have, so one of the most important parts of your consultation is ensuring that everything being discussed is fully understood by you.

Please browse through the web site and learn more about Drew, and his practice.  You are also more than welcome to contact Drew’s rooms at any stage to make a booking.

Dr Drew Moffrey looks forward to meeting you soon.

We can advise you of common stops along the way, sightseeing opportunities, things to look out for, common road blocks and nearby destinations.

We cannot tell you what the weather will be like or how long the journey will take.

This is a unique journey and yours to experience

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